2/12/2018 Sarah Johnson They were very kind and the turnaround was fast!
2/12/2018 Corey Anderson Great service that is fast,friendly, and professional.
2/11/2018 Abigail Chasteen Excellent service! Very trustworthy
2/10/2018 Nancy Solie Japanese Motorworks took the crv in the morning I called and had it finished same day. They used to take care of my 1990 Miata butnhadnt been back for a while. I ha forgotten what a good operation they run. I will be back with my Miata and my tundra.
2/1/2018 Wayne Lewis Great company. Always very helpful and professional. Super people.
1/30/2018 Elizabeth Kelley Great service and really fast!
1/27/2018 Keith Poole Terrific service. They are quick and efficient and better than the Toyota dealer. I recommend them to anyone with a Toyota vehicle (and I am sure they are as good with other Japanese cars and trucks).
1/22/2018 Tom Frederick As always, fantastic service from the team at Japanese Motor Works!!
1/22/2018 Alex Mason As always, the very best of service delivered with courtesy and professionalism. The only place to take your beloved Japanese car!
1/22/2018 Elizabeth Boudreau Always such courteous service and thorough analysis of the service! Thanks for always sending me out the door a happy customer.
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