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At Japanese Motor Works, our goal is to provide top-quality car care, and we deliver by employing the best technicians and the highest standards of automotive service in Athens. Each auto technician at Japanese Motor Works qualifies as a Level 1 ASE-Certified Master Auto Technician (CMAT). In addition, each mechanic on our team can claim more than 20 years of auto repair experience and extensive dealer training from a wide range of Asian manufacturers.

Owner Peter Haughton opened Japanese Motor Works in 1992 after years of experience, all starting with a 1967 Datsun Roadster that wouldn’t run. All of Peter’s personal cars have been Japanese, and with an aggressive maintenance schedule he consistently manages to coax hundreds of thousands of miles from each one of them. When promoting car maintenance, Peter speaks from a wealth of experience and success. Even now, when you call Japanese Motor Works to talk to Peter, he’ll likely need to come out from under a hood. His calling is the repair of Japanese cars, and he truly enjoys his work.

JMW auto technicians operate within a new, ergonomically-designed facility constructed to maximize efficiency and collective performance. The cleanliness and attention to detail distinctive to our shop speaks to the overarching culture of automotive service excellence at JMW. When we return your vehicle, it will operate better and look cleaner than you could have hoped to expect.

It’s clear: when you walk into Japanese Motor Works, you enter an environment dedicated to quality, not compromise. Because we find success in the happiness of our customers and the caliber of our work, Japanese Motor Works is the benchmark for automotive repair facilities in Northeast Georgia. We fix it fast, we fix it right, and we fix it at the right price. Exceeding your expectations is our policy.

Peter Haughton | Japanese Motor Works
Peter Haughton
Peter began working on cars professionally in 1977 in his hometown of West Palm Beach, Fla., at a Datsun dealership in West Palm Beach. Since then, he has worked in four other dealerships, as well as owned another repair shop, Haughton Motor Works. - Read More
Cherry Haughton | Japanese Motor Works
Cherry Haughton
Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Cherry is definitely a Florida girl as displayed by her love of the out of doors. Most weekends you will find Peter and Cherry on the river at lake Hartwell or in the north Georgia mountains with their Labrador retriever Preston and labradoodle Wallace. Past activities included a - Read More
Andy Patterson | Japanese Motor Works
Andy Patterson
My name is Andy Patterson. Born and raised in the North Georgia mountains, I moved to Athens in 1999, mostly for the local music scene and a change of scenery. I’ve been passionate about music as far back as I can remember. Family, Friends, and Fun are always at the top of my list. Survey - Read More
Jacob Lynn | Japanese Motor Works
Jacob Lynn
Jacob started in customer service back at the early age of 14. Back then he did front office work at Campbell-Hardage Inc. He enjoys the smiles of satisfied customers. Past work experience also includes a stint working at Best Buy as Apple Pro/ Inventory. Nowadays, you can find him working parts and service at Japanese - Read More

Travis Berryman | Japanese Motor Works

Travis Berryman
Travis started his career straight out of college at Japanese Motor Works. He graduated as a Dean’s Scholar, with a degree in Automotive Technology. His career may have just started, but Travis’s love for cars dates back to his toddler years. - Read More
Hi! I’m Preston B. and I’m A 110 LB. CKC Labrador retriever. I was born in Dewey Rose in November of 2003. Everyone just call me “B” for short. “B” stands for, well, all of the “B” words, like: Big, Bones, Boats, Birds, Bees, Bark, Ball, and a few more I can’t just now think - Read More
Hi! I’m Wallace T and I’m an 85 lb CKC Labradoodle. I was born in Danielsville in October of 2008. My mother is a Chocolate Lab and my dad is a great big silver Poodle. They call me “T” ‘cause I’m real sweet and look like iced tea. When Peter and Cherry brought me home, - Read More
Kris Fraley | Japanese Motor Works
Kris Fraley
Kris is a former Marine and a technician here at Japanese Motor works. Shortly after getting out of the Marines he decided to pursue his passion for cars and start a career in the automotive industry. He studied and majored in automotive technologies at Athens Technical College and during that time interned here. He began working full time as a technician here in August of 2014. His interest in cars doesn't just pertain to his work here, outside of work he spends a great deal of time working on his own vehicles and going to as well as participating in motor sporting events at places like Atlanta Dragway on the weekends.
Louis McIntosh | Japanese Motor Works
Louis McIntosh
My name is Louis McIntosh, and I have worked in the maintenance related fields since the age of 23. I graduated from Truett McConnell College, and then I joined the United States Air Force and worked​ as a jet engine mechanic and I also was responsible for the maintenance of powered​ and non-powered support equipment. After leaving the Air Force, I worked as a mechanic, a technician, and a supervisor of quality control inspections on commercial aircraft. I came to work here at Japanese Motor Works, and I love to detail automobiles, inside and out with the focus on perfection! I also enjoy running customers back and forth from the shop to their jobs or homes in our shop car, the 1990 model Acura Legend, which we know of as "the Stallion." Peter tells me that that car has not been so shiny since he did the predelivery inspection on it when it was brand-new back in 1990.
Jason David | Japanese Motor Works
Jason David
Jason began his automotive career in 1998 before joining Honda in 2001. He received factory training at Honda’s technician training center while maintaining the highest customer satisfaction and fixed right the first visit ratings. Although Honda is his favorite vehicle to service and repair, he has experience with almost every brand on the market. Outside of his professional career, you can find Jason relaxing, spending time with his family, or outdoors enjoying nature…unless he’s hanging out with Pinky, in which case he’s planning to take over the world.