Tips For Talking to a Technician

These tips are “Insider information” from a technician’s viewpoint on getting better service for your vehicle:

Communication: Being able to communicate your needs to the auto repair facility is one of the key steps in the repair process. You know your vehicle better than anyone (unless your teenagers have their hooks into it), and being able to describe a problem can save the technician valuable time …and saving you valuable cash.

Be descriptive, be creative, and don’t be afraid to try and make the same sound your car did. It can actually be fun as long as you aren’t too shy. If it’s possible, record the sound and bring it to the shop.

Alleviate confusion: “My car won’t start….” This can mean a number of things, and can lead a technician on a wild goose-chase. First, starting and cranking are two separate items. These terms often are confused, and technicians often do not know what to look for in diagnosing the problem.

A no-start generally means that the engine is cranking over, but never fires/runs on its own. A no-start is often confused with a no-crank situation. This is when you turn the key the to start position and there is only a click or nothing at all.

Understanding terminology: At Japanese Motor Works, you won’t feel like we are speaking an unknown foreign language at you. We explain procedures and terminology and encourage customers to ask questions. Making our customers feel intimidated is NOT what we are about. If you aren’t sure what has been recommended or if it just doesn’t make sense, ask for clarification. It’s your car, your right, and your money!

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