Why Skipping Auto Maintenance Costs You Money

Japanese Motor Works

It may be tempting, but before you skimp on auto maintenance take a moment to weigh the alternative. The true costs may surprise you.

To help prevent unexpected costs, pay special attention to the auto maintenance things that will cost you a fortune if they break. To avoid these unscheduled and unbudgeted car breakdowns, perform the regular oil changes, fluid maintenance, tire rotations and transmission maintenance, even if the car is running fine. And don’t believe that wives tale about “lifetime” transmission fluid and other “lifetime parts and fluids.” Basically, what that means is that its life is up when the transmission or other component gives up the ghost- due to – wait for it…worn out transmission fluid, or other stuff which is maintainable! Timing belts, for example, are expensive auto maintenance items at as much as $900, and replacing one for no other reason than that the odometer has turned 90,000 miles might seem wasteful. But let one break and you’ll find that repairing bent valves could cost you three times that.

Tip: If your owner’s manual is long gone, MSN Autos has a free online service, My Car, that tracks your car’s service schedule.) So, as Hedley Lamar once said, “go do the voodoo which you do so well!”

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